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Subject Re: mmap patch for Apache-1.0.5
Date Fri, 24 May 1996 22:38:36 GMT
> This sounds really nice and it would allow me to do some things that I have
> been wanting to do for quite some time (like having a module parse the
> output of other modules).  Is anyone familiar enough with this package to
> consider integrating some of it features with the buffer code we now have?

Adam, mod_php mmap's files for parsing as you know, and if you have a look
at the most recent version I made the output buffered and added a hook
for doing various filtering on the buffered output.  Very simple hook, 
as it only works on the raw html (stuff outside <?...> tags).  See the
TEXT_MAGIC #defined code and the tmagic.c in version 1.99r2.  This may be
enough for the stuff you are working on.

Still, a way to stack modules would be very interesting.


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