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Subject Re: FastCGI + Linux + Apache 1.1?
Date Mon, 13 May 1996 01:30:23 GMT
> You're really bad with version numbers aren't you?  :) 

Are you referring to me calling my Linux 1.99.1?  That's the current
release.  It is the first pre 2.0 release.  From my

    #define UTS_RELEASE "1.99.1"

Release numbers went from 1.3.99 to 1.3.100 to 1.99.1.

Perhaps I jumped the gun on identifying Apache as 1.1.b3.  Just wanted to
indicate that I was using the latest.

> Anyway I got it working as well, but I can't get it to get to run any of
> the fcgi files... as soon as I run any of them, the main server dumps core
> and I get a ton of zombie processes.   

So, you didn't get it working.  The easy way to get it working is to follow
these steps:

Add something like this to you srm.conf:

  AddType application/x-httpd-fcgi .fcgi
  AppClass /www/html/tiny-fcgi.fcgi -processes 2

Copy the tiny-fcgi binary from the examples dir of the distribution to
/www/html/tiny-fcgi.fcgi (or whereever you want to put it).  Then restart
your server.  Before accessing /tiny-fcgi.fcgi, do a "chown nobody /tmp/OM*"
and then try.  This should make it work for you.

> Also, did you ever get a chance to test apache under libc 5.3?  I'm still
> getting reports with core dumping and libc 5.3. 

Yes, I am running libc 5.3.12 without any problems.  But then again, there
is no load on this server.  Just one of my hacking boxes.  My real server
runs Solaris 2.5.


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