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Subject Re: require-client functionality
Date Mon, 06 May 1996 01:31:45 GMT
> depends on you definition of a feature. It'll be compiled in
> (to systems that don't have it) and not used.
> Is that a feature ?   :-)
> It'll make modules for 1.1 easier to write. mod_xinclude.c would
> be a quick plug-in with this for example.

I am not saying it isn't useful.  Currently mod_php links a regexp 
library into the server.  I would much prefer to call a server-based
library since people would then see less of a difference in size of
their PHP-enabled httpd versus their non PHP-enabled version.

However, new features are generally new chunks of code *that can break*
other stuff.  Feature freezes are usually done to stop the introduction
of new code that can cause bugs while concentrating on fixing the existing


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