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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject Re: Stuff that happened at a workshop in Cambridge.
Date Thu, 30 May 1996 17:11:48 GMT

> 4) In the meantime, the Z39.50 community is wondering "why don't these
>    people just use *our* stuff"?  General Magic is wondering the same
>    thing, but they have even less of a chance.  (Z39.50 is a common
>    query protocol framework which is used by a lot of library catalog
>    systems, and has been used in other fields; it's also the basis of
>    WAIS).

Hmpfrm. Take one good look at z39.50 and barf; we have to use it a lot
and it sucks rocks, it is a bad excuse for encoding, representation and
querying all mixed up with protocols and wire formats, just one big
kettle of bits and bytes. Try doing a decent z39.50 server in less than
250k lines is hard; and it only takes 29 to do a perly one :-(. Please
flame me for this; I need to get rid of a lot of frustration and
agression (ANS.1/Ber, and then Bib1 to CIP and GILS mapping, Oh I love it!)



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