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From "Roy T. Fielding" <field...@avron.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject Netscape payment stuff
Date Thu, 16 May 1996 01:23:16 GMT
This has caught W3C completely off guard.  It proves what I was telling
them last year -- that W3C should avoid payment and security like the
plague, since no company is willing to give up their own hegemony on
these issues.


------- Forwarded Message


            Leading Companies To Support Netscape's Open, Cross-Platform
Software for Online Credit Card Processing

    MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., May 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Netscape Communications
(Nasdaq: NSCP) Corporation today extended its Internet commerce platform by
announcing Netscape LivePayment(TM), open, cross- platform server software for
collecting payments on the Internet. Netscape LivePayment is online payment
processing software that extends the capabilities of the Netscape
SuiteSpot(TM) integrated suite of Web server software.  The new product
enables companies to accept credit card payments from customers for the
information, goods and services available from corporate Web sites.  Netscape
LivePayment uses high- grade encryption technology to safeguard electronic

Netscape LivePayment is derived from security and transaction processing
technology that has been used for more than a year in the Netscape Commercial
Applications(TM) line.  Leading companies such as CyberCash, First Data
Corporation, GE Capital Retailer Financial Services, MasterCard, VeriFone and
Wells Fargo Bank support Netscape LivePayment as a way to enable credit card
payments with enhanced security on the Internet.

"Netscape's approach to online commerce is to enable customers to establish
new marketing, selling, service and distribution channels on the Internet,"
said Marc Andreessen, senior vice president of technology at Netscape.  "To
achieve that, we are expanding Netscape's commerce platform with products that
companies need to transform their Web sites into a revenue source."

Netscape LivePayment is analogous to an Internet cash register.  It provides
flexible, online transaction processing capabilities companies can add to
existing Web sites to quickly begin collecting credit card payments from
customers online.  Together with Netscape Enterprise Server(TM) software and
Netscape LiveWire Pro(TM) visual development environment, Netscape LivePayment
provides the tools users need to quickly and easily build open, cross-platform
Internet commerce applications.

To help users transform their Web sites into Internet store fronts, Netscape
LivePayment includes templates to facilitate development of payment-ready
applications.  Using Netscape Navigator Gold(TM) premium client software,
users can modify the templates to create their own online image quickly and
easily.  Netscape LivePayment can receive payment information from Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) enabled Internet clients and process the transactions over
the Internet.  Netscape also plans to support the emerging Secure Electronic
Transactions (SET) protocol and other payment mechanisms, such as
microtransactions, in Netscape LivePayment.

Netscape also announced that future versions of Netscape Navigator(TM) client
software will include technology that streamlines a user's shopping experience
by providing a uniform interface for Internet purchases and transactions.
Similar to a real wallet, this technology will organize into one place a
user's credit card numbers, shipping addresses, digital IDs and other payment
instruments needed to purchase goods and services on the Internet.  It will
also maintain electronic receipts for items purchased and a ledger of
transactions so users can download that information into a personal financial

"Netscape continues to be a leader in providing electronic commerce solutions,
" said Chuck White, senior vice president of First Data Corporation.  "In
addition to providing transaction processing capabilities for Netscape
Commercial Applications, First Data has successfully led a beta program of
Netscape LivePayment software."

"We believe that Netscape's comprehensive offerings will provide our merchants
and clients with a broad range of product options for capitalizing on the
emerging market for Internet commerce," White added.

"Netscape's continuing activities in introducing new ways to conduct
electronic commerce over the Internet reflects the surge of interest and
transactions taking place over this revolutionary new medium," said Steve Mott,
senior vice president for electronic commerce at MasterCard International.
"We also appreciate their continuing strong support for the Secure Electronic
Transactions standard, which will ensure that these transactions will enjoy a
level of security every bit as safe as those in the physical world today."

"We are pleased to see Netscape incorporating additional electronic commerce
functionality into Netscape server products with Netscape LivePayment," said
Roger Bertman, vice president and general manager of VeriFone's Internet
Commerce Division.  "VeriFone's virtual point-of- sale Internet products will
be integrated with, complement and add value to the Netscape open software
platform.  We are looking forward to further integrating VeriFone and Netscape
products to define open payment standards for the Internet."

"Wells Fargo is committed to helping merchants in all facets of their payment
processing in both the physical and electronic worlds," said Dudley Nigg,
executive vice president of the alternative distribution group at Wells Fargo
Bank.  "Wells Fargo has gained substantial experience in Internet commerce
through its work with many Internet merchants and welcomes the introduction of
Netscape LivePayment as an important step in making Internet transaction
processing easier. Wells Fargo looks forward to working with merchants using
Netscape LivePayment."

Netscape LivePayment is expected to be available for Microsoft Windows NT and
major UNIX operating environments beginning in the third quarter of 1996.
Pricing for Netscape LivePayment is expected to be US$2,995. Final pricing
will be announced at the time of the product's release. Netscape Navigator is
expected to include the new shopping technology by the fourth quarter of 1996. 

Netscape Communications Corporation is a premier provider of open software for
linking people and information over enterprise networks and the Internet.  The
company offers a full line of clients, servers, development tools and
commercial applications to create a complete platform for next-generation,
live online applications.  Traded on Nasdaq under the symbol "NSCP," Netscape
Communications Corporation is based in Mountain View,  California.

Netscape, Netscape Communications, Netscape LivePayment, Netscape Commercial
Applications, Netscape LiveWire Pro, Netscape SuiteSpot, Netscape Enterprise
Server, Netscape Navigator and Netscape Navigator Gold are trademarks of
Netscape Communications Corporation.  Additional information on Netscape
Communications Corporation is available on the Internet at
<, by sending email to  Corporate
customers can call 415-937-2555 while consumers can call 415-937-3777 for more

-0-                       5/13/96 /CONTACT:  Andrea Cook of Netscape,
415-937-6711 or (NSCP)
 CO:  Netscape Communications Corp. ST:  California IN:  CPR SU:  PDT

------- Another Forwarded Message

              Netscape Out to 'Kick-Start On-Line Commerce'

(May 13) American Banker - Netscape Communications Corp. is throwing down its
gauntlet today in the battle over electronic commerce.

With a series of planned product announcements, and through a speech in San
Francisco Tuesday by company president James Barksdale, Netscape is signaling
a new aggressiveness in promoting its technology as a foundation for business
on the Internet.

Among the components of the strategy are Netscape LivePayment, described as
"an Internet cash register," and a payment utility dubbed Netscape Wallet.

Netscape, which makes the most popular software for browsing the Internet's
World Wide Web, has made no secret of its ambitions. But the company is using
several product upgrades and introductions to underscore its "mission to make
commerce on the Net a reality," said Andres Espineira, director of commercial
applications and product marketing at Mountain View, Calif.-based Netscape.

By "reintroducing" some existing products and releasing new ones, he said
Netscape is demonstrating a commitment "to trying to kick-start on- line

It has all the trappings of a direct attack on Microsoft Corp. and its similar
positioning as a standard-bearer for on-line commerce.

"The message is that Netscape has expertise in this area and will use it to
deliver comprehensive solutions," said Romeo Baldeviso, a product manager
working under Mr. Espineira.

Mr. Baldeviso said much of the talk - much of it still speculative - about
Internet commerce has centered on conventional models of retailing. In
addition to its Merchant System, which addresses that application, Netscape
also markets the Publishing System for texts and documents and Community
System for bulletin boards, chat groups, and other interactive services.

Netscape Wallet and LivePayment can simplify buying, selling, and paying in
all those areas. Credit cards could be accommodated immediately and electronic
cash, check, and micropayment alternatives are on the drawing boards.

Upgrades of the merchant, publishing, and community systems - each called
Version 1.5 - are being announced today. Availability time depends on the type
of computer they run on, starting with the Sun Solaris workstation next month.
All should be out by the fourth quarter.

Also on the commercial level, Netscape recently formed Actra Business Systems,
a joint venture with GE Information Services dedicated to developing
business-to-business services and electronic data interchange. Mr. Baldeviso
said the first fruits of this alliance should be on the market later this year.

The Netscape officials stressed that their vision of commerce cuts across
retailing, financial services, on-line publishing, and media and
entertainment. Though the company, which went public with great fanfare last
year, has attracted most attention as the provider of the Navigator browser,
it makes most of its money through "enterprise" software for businesses.

Mr. Espineira said thousands of organizations use Netscape servers. Among the
company's more than 200 "key accounts" are Bank of America, Merrill Lynch &
Co., the Chicago Board of Trade, J.C. Penney Co., Federal Express, Discovery
Channel Online, and The Wall Street Journal.

In a preview last week, the product executive said the Travelocity Web site,
which offers access to American Airlines' Sabre reservations system, is a
place to view all the commercial software in action.

"These examples show the breadth and experience we have," Mr. Espineira said.
"It is an important part of our strategy that we offer products addressing the
whole spectrum."

Netscape's push for commercial supremacy through product development efforts
and strategic alliances may be only beginning.

Along with Microsoft and other prominent technology providers, Netscape
participated in the MasterCard-Visa effort to develop the Secure Electronic
Payment protocol for on-line card transactions. It also has partnerships with
Verifone Inc. and Cybercash Inc., which are noted for their electronic
commerce and "wallet" concepts.


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