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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: fyi: Cygnus and Apache
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 16:24:42 GMT
Gordon Irlam wrote:
> Hi,
> I'd like to let people in on on Cygnus's plans for supporting Apache,
> and get whatever feedback people might have to offer.
> (Background: Cygnus is a company that specializes in providing
> commercial support for free software.  Currently, our main product
> offerings are the GNU compiler suite, and Kerberos network security.
> There are also several otehr things we hack around on, and release to
> the net as free software, but as yet don't officially support: the
> DejaGNU testing framework, and the PRMS bug management system are two
> examples.  Some people prefer to use Cygnus tools rather than
> retrieving software from the net because we offer: stable tested
> releases, pre-built binaries, documentation, a support number to call
> for help, a guarantee to quickly fix any bugs encountered, and
> complete unencumbered source code for all our products.)
> We are now in the process of creating a toolkit for use in Internet
> and Intranet environments.  Our initial I*Net product will include
> commercial support for the following technologies: Apache, Perl,
> Tcl/Tk, and Expect.
> As much as possible we try and work with the net community in
> developing our software.  Any enhancements or bug fixes we make we
> release back to the net community, and we try to do the right thing as
> far as listening to, working with, and supporting the net, is
> concerned.
> We fully intend to try and live up to these same goals in offering
> support for Apache.
> Our initial I*Net release will occur sometime towards the end of this
> month.  For all intents and purposes the product we ship will be the
> same as Apache/1.0.5.  In our initial release we will only be
> supporting Solaris, HPUX, IRIX, and AIX.  We plan to improve this in
> the future.  We expect to be able to provide a beta I*Net release that
> people can download and play with fairly soon.  We'll send an email
> message to this list when it is available.
> We have been putting a fair amount of effort into our first release,
> but most of it is unseen since it has largely been a learning process
> for us, as we have been learning more about Apache, integrate it in
> with our source tree, and acquired the resources we need to be able to
> build and test releases.
> People at Cygnus you might like to know about include:
>    - Tom Tromey,, our chief hacker
>    - Gordon Irlam,, hacker wannabe come project manager
>    - Philip Peak,, VP Engineering
>    - Eilish McCaffrey,, ESD Business Manager
> Me and Tom can deal with most of the more technical issues, and we can
> always point you toward Philip or Eilish if you might are interested
> in any more business related issues.
> Assuming our product sells well, it is likely there will be a few new
> positions opening up in our group in the next 2-3 months.  So, if you
> might be interested just drop us a line.
> Also, once again assuming our product is successful, we should be in a
> position to give something back to the Apache group in a few months
> time.  So, if the Apache Group is in need of ftp space, improvements
> to the web site, release and testing resources, project management,
> just let us know.  (We could actually offer some of this stuff before
> then, but I'd prefer to wait until we can guarantee the management
> backing to provide these things to the Apache Group long term).
> Please let me know of any specific needs, the above are just intended
> as examples.  I can't make any promises, but I can try and do my best.
> Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions
> regarding our plans to offer support for Apache, and I will do my best
> to answer them.

I think the most valuable contribution we could have right now is a bug/pending
patch/ideas tracking system that we can all use. Would PRMS fit the bill (I
know nothing about it!).



>                                         thanks,
>                                                 Gordon Irlam
>                                                 I*Net development
>                                                 Cygnus Support
> PS: BTW, this isn't intended to be an official product announcement.

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