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From Michael Smith <>
Subject The business case for apache
Date Thu, 16 May 1996 07:22:53 GMT
OK dudes, I need help here.  We are going to be setting up a secure
server at our site in the near future.  Naturally I want to use
Apache-SSL, but there is pressure for some Netscape server or other.

Of course I am convinced of the merits of Apache, and I think I can
convince the other people here of that fact.  However, the argument that
I have most difficulty combatting is that other companies (which we will
be hoping to sign up with access to our site) will have more confidence
with Netscape, because it is "the big commercial product".  The list of
companies running apache doesn't seem to include many "big names" - Sun,
for example, use Netscape (despite that article). 

Any comments which might help me make a more persuasive case much

Michael Smith

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