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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: rprintf lives
Date Fri, 17 May 1996 09:26:08 GMT
In article <> you write:
>As a Brit in the US, when I speak to people I have to map lots of
>words into American English, as well as talk about "dot zee" files
>etc :-)

Just say zed and make them learn that they don't speak correct english.
Anyone know the reason Americans pronounce it zee instead of zed like the
rest of the english speaking world?  I once said, as a joke, that it was
so that the alphabet song would rhyme... the person believed me.  oops.

One Canadianism (or is it used by English as well?) that Americans seem to
have trouble with is "serviette" for "napkin".  I still haven't trained
myself to translate it.


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