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From Mailing Oettli <>
Subject Error Compiling perl-moduls on Linux
Date Fri, 31 May 1996 05:45:43 GMT

I've just tried to compile the perl_moduls on Linux (Slackware 3.0,
Kernel 1.3.52), gcc-2.7.2, perl5.002_01, apache_1.1b2, mod_perl-0.60a2.
There seems to be a problem parsing perl.h  with the type bool:

gcc -I`/opt/vsia/bin/vperl -MConfig -e 'print "$Config{archlib}/CORE"'` -I/usr/l
ocal/include -c -O2 -DLINUX perlxsi.c
In file included from perlxsi.c:6:
/opt/vsia/lib/perl5/i586-linux/5.00201/CORE/perl.h:877: parse error before `Perl

On Solaris 2.5 with same gcc,apache,  perl & mod_perl versions everything
compiled without problem.

Has anybody else noted the same problems on Linux?

Thanks for hints,

Thomas Oettli

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