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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Stuff that happened at a workshop in Cambridge.
Date Thu, 30 May 1996 10:49:58 GMT
>    I hope this isn't too far from the actual (still evolving, I think)
>    consensus. 

sounds reasonable.

> 2) It turns out that a *lot* of people want some way of asking a
>    server, "what's changed since Tuesday?".

Hmmm. Seem to be the job of the server admin not the server itself,
but I guess it could work if the server is given a table of URLs it's
allowed to check.

> 7) For your amusement, since the better spiders have stopped indexing
>    the now-ubiquitous <!-- sex breast sex breast sex breast ... -->
>    HTML comments, current practice in fooling search engines has
>    evolved.  The new state of the art is apparently as follows:
>    <body background=white>
>    <font color=white>
>    sex breast sex breast sex breast...
>    </font>
>    This says something about human ingenuity and resourcefulness, but
>    I'm not sure I want to know what.

On a related note, our server here is called "xxx" and seems to attract
a lot of attention from search engine users according to our referer_log.
It's hillarious to see what combinations of search words lead to us.
We're also blocked off by the "web kid-lock software", which suits us
fine (we serve very boring physics research information).

> 8) On a similar note, there was a talk by one of the guys running the
>    c|net virtual software library; one of their serious concerns is
>    trying to figure out a way *not* to tell a ten-year-old who looks
>    at their list of most popular downloads that the number 3 item (or
>    whatever it is) is the hooters screen saver --- in particular,
>    they'd like a way to do this which does not involve human editorial
>    decisions and the associated potential for legal liability.


is there a unix port?    ;-)

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