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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject Re: No HOST header solutions?
Date Wed, 29 May 1996 22:54:02 GMT
  Of course, you can avoid double mapping by only using the virtual host
  for the root page. i.e.

  Alias /apache /usr/web/apache

  DocumentRoot /usr/web/apacheroot

  and then only put index.html in /usr/web/apacheroot and symlinking it
  into /usr/web/apache. Then all your files are under (avoiding the double-mapping problem
  except for the root index), but you can still advertise, which is what people seem to want to do.

Wow!  Something I'd actual feel *comfortable* seeing as recommended

Some comments: A certain degree of ugliness in dealing with the root
index is inevitable, but this recommendation does seem to handle the
rest of the content all right, as far as I can tell.  The suggestion
is only applicable to new virtual servers, of course, given that the
old ones already have set namespaces --- but then the old ones already
*have* IP addresses allocated, so from the IP-address consumption
perspective, which is what's driving this whole discussion, they're
spilled milk.

In any case, old servers could transition to use of the Host: header
once 1.1 achieves wide enough deployment that 1.0 clients can be blown
off in the manner that forms-challenged clients are routinely blown
off now; in calendar terms, I'd expect that to be a little more than a
year from now, given that Netscape and Microsoft are both doing Host:
already in their most recent releases

The point RobH raises about virtual hosting is a good one --- perhaps
we want to use something a little more heavyweight than Alias to get
this particular job done, so long as non-Host: clients are a serious
issue... might that best be expressed as another parameter on the
VirtualHost directive?  Just a thought...


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