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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject [OFF TOPIC] Re: Apache browser, anyone? :)
Date Wed, 29 May 1996 14:13:04 GMT
[An Apache Browser: sure, like I know *who* started this thread
off... not.]:

FYI, SurfIt is a Tcl/Tk webbrowser just coming out of alpha with
some interesting ideas (plugin modules to handle different protocols).
So if anyone's interested in exploring ideas in UI design, caching,
protocol handlers, applets (Tcl remember) than that might be a neat
place to 'cut your teeth'.  Tk/Tcl is (as of April) supported on
UNIX/Windows3.1/Windows95 and Macintosh.  The main problem is Tk,
a widget set that was written long before the advent of Netscape
and 256 colour sony trinitron screens.  The colourmap dithering
algorithm alone will put people off, it's hideous, x10 worse than

Cimera is probably a faster product (which is still the #1 criterion)
which also had the smarts to handle protocol extensions and other
neat ideas.  Unfortunately you're in to the murky depths of having
to support more than one widget set for the GUI, which is a big
load for a startup project to carry.

[judging by the webpage, I guess Chimera is a dead project now...]

But then there's always Java, which would fit in nicely with the
Network Computer spec, if it is ever allowed to take off...

Mmm, back to sleep...

Ay. or Mosaic, but that'd be tempting fate ;)

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