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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Good deed for the day?
Date Wed, 29 May 1996 12:50:33 GMT
In reply to Adam Sussman who said
> >>   - As a minor legacy problem, we have in the 'require user x y z' spaces
> >>    as the separators, same for groups, whih prohibit spaces in the
> >>   userIDs. 
> How about using quotes around names with spaces in them?  Changing the delimiter
> now might be a little upsetting.
> > 
> > > Furthermore two of those 'require user' lines give unexpected
> > >   results. How about allowing multiple lines ? or require user= multiple
> > > lines.
> > 
> I would vote for multiple 'require user' and 'require group' lines.  While we're
> at it, we might want to just allow multiple allow and deny lines too.  I can think
> of a few places where it would improve readability.

There needs to be a version string added so that we can safely change the
format of anything we wish and still have a way to support old formats.

I'd vote that a version string be added to the spec for all input files and
then use whatever we feel is best in the new version of the parser.

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