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From (Doug MacEachern)
Subject Re: Opinions on CGI wrappers?
Date Tue, 28 May 1996 15:49:41 GMT
At 02:37 PM 5/28/96 +0100, wrote:
>Anyone got any views on the best/right/etc CGI wrapper to use?

Not sure about the best or the right one, but Malcolm Beattie's safecgiperl
seems to be a good approach (for perl scripts).  It does the set*id stuff,
along with executing the script in a 'safe compartment', which uses the Safe
module to disable potentially evil functions such as system(), exec(), etc.
It also provides a "Safe" version of a few functions including open(), where
the script can only write files to a certain area in the user's home
directory.  Piping via this version of open() is disabled.  

>Do any of them use chroot() [he says, being extra paranoid]?

This is disabled with safecgiperl.


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