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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: For 1.1
Date Sun, 26 May 1996 02:20:01 GMT
> Apache 1.1 should hopefully be released soon, but before we do, I'd
> like to add three things (one thing, really) added to the code. Things
> that I'd like to have for future modules that I think will be rather
> useful. Namely:
> 1. I'd like to see mod_env's mod_env_table_unset() function moved into
>    alloc.c as table_unset().

I agree. I didn't realize this existed and created something
similar for something I am working on.

> 2. I'd like to see mod_negotiation's get_token() moved into
>    util.c. I've found it quite useful in other settings where you
>    need to parse HTTP headers.

True. I also submitted a piece of code awhile back that did
r->args parsing that would be useful. Chuck also came up
with something similar. Either or would be nice to have
available for module development.

> 3. I'd like to see a new function added to alloc.c:
> char *pstrndup(struct pool *a, const char *s, int n)
> {
>   char *res;
>   if (s == NULL) return NULL;
>   res = palloc (a, n + 1);
>   strncpy (res, s, n);
>   return res;
> }

Another function that would be handy is a psprcat() if you will
that would allow format args to pstrcat(). Perhaps Ben's rprintf
code could be adapted to do this.

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