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From Adam Sussman <>
Subject Re: pg95
Date Fri, 24 May 1996 07:52:22 GMT
> > 
> > No real reason. Same goes for the Kerberos authentication module.
> > This and the mSQL issue really raises the question of whether it
> > is in our best interest to pull everything offered into core, or
> > to allow people like Adam Sussman (in the case of mod_auth_pg95)
> > to continue as the maintainer.
> > 
> 	I think that a module should be pulled into the core if its
> author/maintainer is active in apache core development.

I don't see any problem with my continued maintenace of a core accessory
or the server as long as someone is willing to commit my code changes and
documentation.  I am not a 'core' developer in the same sense that most of you
are as I do not have CVS access and I honestly don't have the same amount
of time to commit to this project as the rest of you (just reading mail from
this list takes a lot of time!).  I believe however that I have positive 
contributions to make and as long as someone is willing to review and commit
them, I don't see any problem.


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