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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: A vote for FreeBSD+Apache
Date Tue, 21 May 1996 15:59:08 GMT
>   being able to punch up Netscape from anywhere in the world and reconfigure
>   something with no hassle is wonderful...
> Hmmm... in the new, Java, Java, Java, Java world, it seems to me that
> Netscrape offers you the same flexibility whether your administrative
> interface is tied to web formats and protocols or not.  (In fact, if the
> server is done in Java, then making the config interface a set of Java
> applets which do remote method calls on objects within the server might
> well be the path of least resistance, using something like Horb, or Sun's
> Joe for that matter).

Any plans for Java support in Lynx?

> More seriously, one of the complaints I personally hear most frequently
> about the Netscape interface is that there are certain facilities which
> the server has, but which the forms-based interface does not expose ---
> and people who want to use those are suddenly stuck manipulating the 40K
> of relatively poorly documented ASCII crud which the Netscape admin tools
> have written for them.
> (One of my own desiderata for any whiz-bang config tool is that it should
> allow people to do *anything* they could with config files directly; if that
> means reading the command tables in the server to find out which commands
> are legit, or allowing text commands to be typed in for literal inclusion
> in <Directory> and <VirtualHost> sections, so be it.  It would probably be
> for the best, however, to only display these sorts of options in a menu-
> selectable "expert mode").
> rst

My thought has been that perhaps a class field to the command_rec
that would identify valid parameters and the "class" that the
directive belongs in. (ie Auth, MIME, etc)

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