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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: pg95
Date Tue, 21 May 1996 15:33:44 GMT
In reply to Randy Terbush who said
> > Where can I find mod_auth_pg95 ?

I found this eventually by accident. A more obvious link from the apache
pages might be a good idea.

> > Any reason why this hasn't been accepted?
> No real reason. Same goes for the Kerberos authentication module.
> This and the mSQL issue really raises the question of whether it
> is in our best interest to pull everything offered into core, or
> to allow people like Adam Sussman (in the case of mod_auth_pg95)
> to continue as the maintainer.

Hmm, well Adam should certainly continue as maintainer but I think we
should give modules a sort of official stamp and bring them into the
distribution if we agree they're up to scratch and serve a purpose.

There's a few reasons for doing so,

1) There's an "official" version of a module and we should frown upon people
using the same module name as versions in the official distribution.

2) It ensures the "important" modules are kept up to date and tested in
future versions of the server. If we think pg95/msql/whatever support is
important functionality that Apache should have then we should do our best
to keep that functionality up to scratch in the future. It wouldn't be
good if someone started using a module and then found that the next release
didn't work with it. Bringing it into the main dist should ensure that.

3) They are considered to be part of Apache rather than some external
add-on. This can be important in many places, I know that I'm going to
have a hard time convincing people to use mod_auth_pg95 if it's not part
of the base release, Apache itself now has enough respect to have won them
around but bits that have to be grabbed from elsewhere will not. There's
also not the confidence that the module will be supported by the Apache team
in the next release, follows from the above point.

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