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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: A vote for FreeBSD+Apache
Date Mon, 20 May 1996 15:39:00 GMT

> 	While I have no direct experience with Purveyor, I do know
> that their lead engineer is a pretty good guy, so maybe that could
> mean it would be an ok webserver for NT?

After a tip from Rob Thau, I installed O'Reilly's 'WebSite'.
This one actually works :-)

There's no stupid html forms interface to make your brain hurt.
It worked out of the box (with a couple of changes to the directory

the problems I had..

Apache NT 0.9.6 (not most recent, but most recent binary)
  - goes into a tight loop that kills performance as soon as 
    CGI is used. I've sent a comment to the developers at Canon
    but have had no reply in 3 days.

Netscape Communications Server
  - the backend to the forms interface crashes so the configuration
    can't be setup. (Phew, what a relief, I'd never have lived that
    down had I been forced to use the NS server :-)

GNN Server
  - A perl CGI script that spawns a subprocess fails.. the subprocess
    (Adobe Acrobat Distiller in the case) just got skipped over as
    if it wasn't there (no error messages produced).

A comment: html forms suck pond water as a means of configuring
a webserver... you also have to remember a silly password to play with
it, but you can do remote admin (on a NT that's a good thing).

The rumor is that Jack Kevorkian has setup a Windows-NT users group.

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