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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: The business case for apache
Date Fri, 17 May 1996 10:26:07 GMT
> Here's an illustration of how bad their support can be:
> Way back, almost a year ago, we were installing a copy of commerce
> on a sun server.  We discovered that the .htaccess files had a
> few really unsubtle bugs that made them absolutly unusable and the
> only way to enforce any kind of security was to do it through their
> fancy web interface.

I just downloaded the NT communications server to see if it would
behave better than Canon's Apache port (which is broken v0.9.6).

I got as far as trying to configure a CGI dir with the forms interface
but the backend admin program keeps falling over. So I'm stuck.
No sign of anything useful to configure in the dozens of directories created.
The configuration procedure is meant to be fool-proof, but they 
apparently forgot to make it NT-proof.

"...Apache config files are good for the soul"
Caveat Apache-forms-config-writers.

The rumor is that Jack Kevorkian has setup a Windows-NT users group.

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