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From Adam Sussman <>
Subject Re: The business case for apache
Date Fri, 17 May 1996 08:53:18 GMT

Here's an illustration of how bad their support can be:

Way back, almost a year ago, we were installing a copy of commerce
on a sun server.  We discovered that the .htaccess files had a
few really unsubtle bugs that made them absolutly unusable and the
only way to enforce any kind of security was to do it through their
fancy web interface.

At the time, we were technically a Netscape VAR and as such, entitled
to relativly unlimited support, etc etc.  It took us a week and half
to get a response to our pleas for help.  When we actually got to speak
to them, they seemed amazed and said that we were the first people to
find the bug and must be the only ones foolish enough not to want to
use their admin-server interface.  We were promised a fix in the 'next
version'.  In the time since them, I have spoken to many people who got
-exactly- the same response.

I don't know if they ever fixed it.  We abandoned Netsite shortly thereafter
and haven't once regretted it :).  Most of the hosting providers I know
have no trust in the upcomming Fastrack server and they were all disapointed
by the betas.


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