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From Tom Tromey <>
Subject Re: Bug tracking
Date Wed, 15 May 1996 16:20:49 GMT
Randy> 	o gnats
Randy> 		(installed v3.2 - close to completion)
Randy> 		I've never had warm fuzzies about gnats.
Randy> 		I'd be interested in comments about the newer
Randy> 		version that I have heard about. One snag that
Randy> 		I hit when installing this was a desire to allow
Randy> 		it to manage serveral different projects. Like
Randy> 		'request' listed below, it would require separate
Randy> 		installations for each managed project/list.

I don't know anything about the other options.  But I do know some
things about GNATS.  We use it here at Cygnus (of course, since we
wrote it).

The newest Gnats is improved in many ways over the 3.2 release.  BTW
the newest one is available on  Most notably it allows
all queries and edits to be done over the net.  It uses its own
protocol for this; it doesn't piggyback over email or the web.

Randy> 	o modifiable via email interface

I don't think this exists for Gnats.  You can do queries via email,
however.  Is "email" really the requirement?  Or is it just "remote"?
If the latter, then Gnats can do it.

I believe there are web interfaces to query/submit bugs, but I don't
know much about them.  There are also convenient Emacs modes to query,
submit, and edit bugs, for those of you who are Emacs junkies (like

I don't know anything about installing Gnats to serve several
projects.  You'd have to write the maintainer (or look in the manual
-- maybe it has the info) to find out more here.

Gnats would probably work ok as a patch repository as well.  You could
just make a new "patch" category and store each patch as a PR.
Applying any patch, even from over the net, would be really easy:

	nquery-pr --full patch-id | patch

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