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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Bug tracking
Date Wed, 15 May 1996 16:04:35 GMT
In reply to Randy Terbush who said
> * Software options
> 	o gnats
> 		(installed v3.2 - close to completion)
> 		I've never had warm fuzzies about gnats.
> 		I'd be interested in comments about the newer
> 		version that I have heard about. One snag that
> 		I hit when installing this was a desire to allow
> 		it to manage serveral different projects. Like
> 		'request' listed below, it would require separate
> 		installations for each managed project/list.

It's worked quite well for FreeBSD for quite a few years. It has some
disadvantages, such as bugs must be submitted using send-pr which is
shipped as part of FreeBSD but I think web tools exist as well now.
We've got some useful tools, which is not ideal
but no-one's worked on it for a while and monthly summaries by mail of
open bug reports, things like that. It is good at bug tracking, i.e.
bug status (e.g. open,  closed) who fixed it, how and when.

Maybe request can do all this too I'm just putting gnats case since I've
used it a lot, request may be a better solution but I've never come across
it before.

> 	o cvs web interface 
> 		Paul, FreeBSD has a very groovy CVS interface.
> 		Is this public domain?

# cvsweb - a CGI interface to the CVS tree.
# Written by Bill Fenner <> on his own time.
# Insert BSD copyright here.

I'm sure he'd be happy to give Apache a copy.

> 	o request
> 		Nice trouble ticket mailing list manager.
> 		From my initial assessment, it would require
> 		a separate installation for each mailing list
> 		that it tracks. Is this true Tony?

Haven't seen this. Maybe it could be installed so we can play with it
for a while.

> 	o using some database like mSQL or Postgres95
> 		I'm more enamored with this approach in light
> 		of the flexibility, however Email management
> 		would add another level of work that I'm not
> 		in a position to take on at the moment.

Strikes me as a lot of work, basically developing our own tracking

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