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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Bug tracking
Date Wed, 15 May 1996 15:24:29 GMT

Ok, since this was a hot topic, let's put it to rest.

This was never a very popular topic in the past, so feel
free to move this off the list to private email. I would
really like to see some comments from Tony Sanders, Brian,
Paul and RobH at the very least. All other are welcome to
share comments as well.

The goal as I see it:
(and those who discussed this in Paris should confirm these)

* Installation of a bug tracking system that is

	o more automated than present
	o viewable via web interface
	o modifiable via web interface ???
	o viewable via email interface
	o modifiable via email interface

* Installation of a patch tracking system (same?)

	o mainly geared toward group members to help track submissions

* Software options
	o gnats
		(installed v3.2 - close to completion)
		I've never had warm fuzzies about gnats.
		I'd be interested in comments about the newer
		version that I have heard about. One snag that
		I hit when installing this was a desire to allow
		it to manage serveral different projects. Like
		'request' listed below, it would require separate
		installations for each managed project/list.

	o cvs web interface 
		Paul, FreeBSD has a very groovy CVS interface.
		Is this public domain?

	o request
		Nice trouble ticket mailing list manager.
		From my initial assessment, it would require
		a separate installation for each mailing list
		that it tracks. Is this true Tony?

	o using some database like mSQL or Postgres95
		I'm more enamored with this approach in light
		of the flexibility, however Email management
		would add another level of work that I'm not
		in a position to take on at the moment.

	o others???

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