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Subject Re: Apache legal question
Date Tue, 14 May 1996 15:56:23 GMT
> Hmmm, except Sameer's should be "Apache/1.0.5 Ben-SSL/0.2 Sameer-SSL/1.1".
> Would you object to "Apache/1.0.5 Apache-SSL/0.2"?
> BTW, you say the Server field is "supposed" to be in this format - where does
> it say that?

	I am new to this concept as well. I thought server field *was*
supposed to be

	So you're suggesting "Apache/1.0.5 Apache-SSL/1.0
Apache-SSL-US/1.1.1" for my stuff, I suppose. I can fix for my next
release, which I was hoping to get out today, but MCI hosage has meant
that ftp'ing the source to my build machines didn't work. Feh.

> I'm happy to conform to standards when they exist. It would be good if people
> pointed them out _before_ they got "really sick", though  ;-)

	yeah, same here.

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