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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Ad on the (fwd)
Date Mon, 13 May 1996 14:27:05 GMT
> 1) We need to make clear that it is paid advertising and not an
> endorsement.
> 2) We should charge market or higher-than-market rates for the
> advertising. This guy offered $100/week. I don't know how many views
> the home page gets every day, but I think we should charge 5 cents per
> view (which is slightly higher-than-market).

Well, for a targetted audience such as Apache has 5c is a reasonable
price. Rememeber that we attract the people who often have the money
to buy servers and server software.. there's no better place on the
net to target these folks.

One problem nobody has mentioned so far are the mirror sites. Hyperreal
is only one of a dozen sites that mirror the information.

For the low access rate gets and the low incomes it'd
generate ( @5c per ad ), I can't see advertising working for us.
Far better would be a sponsors page which lists companies (such as Organic)
that are subsidising the project. A $500-$1000 donation per year donation
would get your company's name on that list. This money could be used for
registering trademarks or whatever, and if it started to pile up it could
be spent on a dedicated machine or to pay for members of the group to
go to conferences etc (the first Apache run conference should be held
in Hawaii or Australia of course :-).


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