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Subject Re: Ad on the (fwd)
Date Mon, 13 May 1996 20:08:54 GMT
> It's up to us on which side we're going to walk isn't it?  And we really
> don't have to put more than 1 ad on the first page... if someone else
> wants to give up less to be on the server doc page, then fine.... or 
> have a rotating billboard on the first page.      This is a little off the 
> deep end... but they're all possibilities.   And remember we do have
> final say on which ones we will and will not accept to run.


1) We need to make clear that it is paid advertising and not an

2) We should charge market or higher-than-market rates for the
advertising. This guy offered $100/week. I don't know how many views
the home page gets every day, but I think we should charge 5 cents per
view (which is slightly higher-than-market).

	(All of this assumes that we want to go ahead with
advertising, which is still an open question)

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