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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: mod_perl_fast anyone?
Date Wed, 08 May 1996 16:45:29 GMT
> Thanks to a kick start from someone I used to work with, I've made it to the
> "future" section of mod_perl's readme.  When the server starts, a perl
> script is picked up via a 'PerlScript' config directive, parsed and run.
> So, the script should consist mostly of subroutines, along with use()'s and
> require()'s for loading perl modules.  It may also include code you only
> want to happen once, such as a opening a database connection.  
> Then, a per_dir_config PerlResponseSub command tells the module which
> subroutine to call for handling the request.  

Mmmm, sounds good. Here's how I'd like to be able to use such a beast
(using some abstract syntax..)

PerlScript myperl1 /xxx/
PerlScript myperl2 /yyy/

# this does the initialisation. 

<Location /cgi-bin/>
PerlHandler myperl1

<Location /stuff/>
PerlHandler myperl2

then a request for URL
would call myperl1's  "hello" subroutine
would call myperl2's  "world" subroutine with PATHINFO set to "/weee"

and if it can make coffee and wash my dishes it'd be even better.

> Here are some times, using perl's Benchmark module and libwww-perl as the
> Benchmark: timing 1 iterations of cgi, embedded...
>        cgi:  2 secs 
>   embedded:  0 secs 

Oooo, zero time. You get bonus points if you can make it negative  ;-)
> Quite a difference.



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