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From Tony Sanders <>
Subject Re: 1.1b3
Date Wed, 08 May 1996 18:09:55 GMT
Chuck Murcko writes (privately):
> Ben Laurie liltingly intones:
> > Tony Sanders wrote:
> > > Because it allows people like to me, without access to the CVS tree
> > > or time to set it up, to do testing on the current code.  Bug fixes
> > > have been known to introduce new problems.
> > You can grab the current snapshot from the usual place. CVS access is not
> > required.
> FYI, Tony, it's in httpd/from-cvs, updated every 6 hours, rolling over
> every 24 hours to save space.

Thanks for the info (to several people).

However, I generally only have time to check-out the "published"
beta releases.  I am (sadly) not in a position to follow things
closely enough to know when it would be worth my time to pickup
one of the updates.

My only expection for a new beta release would be that some progress
has been made -- not that all known bugs have been fixed.  Anyway,
that's just my 0.02 on the topic.

I do have an alternative idea that you might consider...

I would like to see a slightly longer period for introducing new
functionality and a shorter bug-fix-only beta period.  You could
even phase into the bug-fix-only mode by just freezing the core code
but still allowing new modules for a slightly longer period of time
-- until you go into full beta.

So my suggestion is to have a period of "alpha" testing (e.g., I would
have considered 1.1b1 and 1.1b2 to be alpha releases).

Anyway, this is maybe something to think about for 1.2 :-)

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