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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: require-client functionality
Date Tue, 07 May 1996 12:08:07 GMT
> > 1) Keepalives don't initialize on for virtual hosts (Rob had a user patch
> >    for this, but it hasn't been committed).
> Does anyone know where it is?

Someone must be archiving all this stuff. It isn't me though :-)
At worst, it'll be in the bugs-mailbox on hyperreal.

> > 3) Background CGI scripts never close connections, due to some unforseen
> >    effects in either bclose() or bflush().
> Yeah, this is a weird one ... I've taken a look at the logic and can see no
> difference between "old" and "new" ... except that the old versions erroneously
> closed the socket twice (on platforms that don't require dup()) or in the
> opposite order (on platforms that do require dup()). Strangest of all is that
> a close(1) seems to cure it [can whoever was looking into this confirm that?].

Yes, I was closing '1' and that fixed it.

Note that the CGI script must close STDOUT in order for this to work, so
there's a connection there.

> > Nonshowstopper bugs:
> > 
> > 6) Multiple cookies sent *to* clients by CGI scripts do not appear to work.
> >    I will look further into this.
> Is this a consequence of merging the headers (a vague bell is ringing here)?

Yes I think so. Someone pointed out that Netscape doesn't like it when
Apache merges cookie headers.

Looking at

I'm not convinced that netscape will let you have 2 cookies on one
line anyway, regardless of how they are separated. If so, this might
just be unsolvable from the server-side.

> However, if there's disagreement, can I suggest that we release 1.2b0
> immediately after 1.1.0 with regexp support in that?

If that means that 1.1 will be short-lived (a few weeks) while
1.1 + regexp = 1.2b is tested then that's a reasonable compromise.


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