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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: require-client functionality
Date Tue, 07 May 1996 15:40:22 GMT
In reply to Rob Hartill who said
> The only argument I can offer (feel free to shoot it down) is that
> 1.1 might be with us for some time to come. Having regexp sooner rather
> than later will make life easier for module writers to make things
> compatible with future Apaches as well as to introduce new (and otherwise
> 'impossible') extensions to existing features.
> If this delays 1.1 full by a week or two, then I think it'd be worthwhile.
> We can always yank it from 1.1 if it looks like causing trouble.
> On the two systems (hpux, freebsd) I've used mod_xinclude, I haven't
> needed to pull in the extra code. Most modern systems are probably in
> the same boat, so impact should be minimal.

This is ridiculous. How many systems that we support actually need
a regexp library to be added to Apache then? I'm against touching the
tree at the moment for any reason but it's seems foolhardy in the extreme
to add a major hunk of code when only a small minority actually have any
need for it in the first place.

It's not as insignificant a change as you seem to suggest. You've got to make
sure that those systems that don't need the code don't inadvertantly end up
with it and vice versa. That means changes to the build system  and a complete
round of testing on all the supported platforms to make sure it works. This
is not what should be occuring after a beta snapshot.

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