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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: require-client functionality
Date Mon, 06 May 1996 11:30:21 GMT
> [ From q terminal room with French National keyboards; pardon any 
>   "original" spelling... ]
> Ummm... as the guy who brought up Henry Spencer's name originally,
> I most certainly *don't* recall agreeing to incorporation of large new
> pieces of code into the code base at this point in the release cycle.
> Has anyone got a strong argu,ent about why it is necessary to introduce
> this *now*, as opposed to it being just a good idea in general?  If not;
> I would probably be inclined towards a veto.

The only argument I can offer (feel free to shoot it down) is that
1.1 might be with us for some time to come. Having regexp sooner rather
than later will make life easier for module writers to make things
compatible with future Apaches as well as to introduce new (and otherwise
'impossible') extensions to existing features.

If this delays 1.1 full by a week or two, then I think it'd be worthwhile.
We can always yank it from 1.1 if it looks like causing trouble.

On the two systems (hpux, freebsd) I've used mod_xinclude, I haven't
needed to pull in the extra code. Most modern systems are probably in
the same boat, so impact should be minimal.

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