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Subject Re: Apache legal question
Date Mon, 06 May 1996 17:10:20 GMT
> Since anyone who has Apache source (what, 31% at last count 8^)
> can make the version string abolutely anything they like, my $0.02
> is that I'd have no objections to this request. I'd think that

	I don't think it is a question of objections it is a question
of what is best for everyone involved.

> this is actually consistent with Sameer's model, since SSL and SSL-US
> are protocol stack specific enhancements, and -inet is a repackager
> identifier.
> Sameer, would Apache-SSL-US/1.0.5-c2-1.1.1b1 
> look reasonable to you? I'm *certainly* not suggesting that you change
> your IDs, but rather I'm pointing out that we may be talking about two
> slightly different pieces of the version string here. Right now, it
> seems that Apache-SSL-US/1.0.5+1.1.1b1 is a completely unique version
> for your stuff.

	If "Apache-SSL-US" defined "Apache-SSL with RSAREF" then your
suggestion makes sense. I actually would say that "Apache-SSL-US"
defines "Apache-SSL with C2 extensions/modifications". Cygnus releases
of Apache-SSL, Apache-SSL-US can all have the -inet-0.9 appended.
	My problem with this is that the "standard" version strings
for HTTP servers is ServerName/ServerVersion. Doing that "inet" after
the "/" means that part of the "ServerName" becomes part of
"ServerVersion". Unless you consider "inet" to be part of
ServerVersion, which is a reasonable way to look at things.

> Remember, we've already got VApache, Apache-Neoscript, Apache-IO,
> ElectricMail-Apache, ApAcHe, Apache_rus, and who knnows what else
> out there.
> chuck
> Chuck Murcko	N2K Inc.	Wayne PA
> And now, on a lighter note:
> Love at first sight is one of the greatest labor-saving devices the
> world has ever seen.

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