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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Apache legal question
Date Sun, 05 May 1996 09:26:49 GMT
> > with Apache.  Sometimes though, there is a need to differentiate.  To
> > handle this we plan to modify our Apache version string by appending a
> > Cygnus specific identifier (Eg. "Apache/1.0.5-inet-0.9").
> 	I think it would be a good idea to standardize on this and
> follow the Apache-SSL, Apache-SSL-US model.
> I'm using "Apache-SSL-US/1.0.5+1.1.1b1" for my version strings.
> Cygnus could use "Apache-Cygnus/1.0.5+0.9" 

Yep this would be a good way to do it.  I think the version id
'Apache/<whatever>' should be used by Apache Group alone.

> > Anyway, back to the original issue: In accordance with the licensing
> > requirements, we'd like to get official written permission to use the
> > name Apache, and to be able to advertise as providing commercial
> > support for the Apache Server.  Who do I need to ask to obtain such
> > permission?
> 	I think that Brian would work best because he is "UnOfficial
> Apache Figurehead," but he's off in Paris now. When do you need it?

Ahem.  There will be no 'official' written permission.  Apache
Group doesn't exist in any recognised legal sense so any documentation
with the AG letterhead will be meaningless.  Brian, I don't believe
that your signature alone proves that Apache Group say it's ok.
Consider this a veto on procedure (though perhaps not on intent).

Anyone can advertise that they provide support for the Apache
server.  They just shouldn't misrepresent Apache Group or the
project itself.

> Sameer Parekh	

Ay. (Mmm, paris, in springtime...)

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