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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Apache legal question
Date Fri, 03 May 1996 15:54:58 GMT
> We want to do the right thing as far as all the legal stuff is
> concerned.
> Anyway, back to the original issue: In accordance with the licensing
> requirements, we'd like to get official written permission to use the
> name Apache, and to be able to advertise as providing commercial
> support for the Apache Server.  Who do I need to ask to obtain such
> permission?

In theory, there is nobody who you can get written permission from,
but in practise, I guess that a signature from one of the die-hards
on this list will suffice. I'd suggest Brian as the person to do this,
but if nobody jumps on your request, it doesn't really matter who signs

Personally, I don't mind you using the Apache name as long as you
work with the group and not try to distance yourself from us, or
keep features out of the mainstream Apache in order to make your
version look more attractive (you can do that, but then you'd need
to rename it I think). 

Anyway, that's my opinion.


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