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From (Gordon Irlam)
Subject Apache legal question
Date Fri, 03 May 1996 21:31:16 GMT
We want to do the right thing as far as all the legal stuff is

The current Apache LICENSE states:

 * 4. The names "Apache Server" and "Apache Group" must not be used to
 *    endorse or promote products derived from this software without
 *    prior written permission.

Cygnus intends to use the same sources as the Apache Group, and would
like to use the same name for the web server binaries we ship.  I want
to check to see that it is ok for us to use the name Apache for the
name of our product, and to be able to advertize that we offer
commercial support for the Apache Server.

We have a similar situation with the FSF.  The FSF makes releases of
gcc, and we also provide releases of gcc to our customers.  The two
releases are very similar, and we try to keep in sync with the FSF:
merging changes we make back into the FSF tree, and picking up changes
made to the FSF tree, but our releases are not byte for identicial
with the FSF releases (both because we make releases on different
schedules, and because some of our customers require special changes
to the sources that the FSF rejects).  As much as possible we strive
to keep sources in sync because this reduces our ongoing maintenance
costs.  Our gcc sources are released under the same terms as the FSF
sources (GNU GPL).  Our Apache sources will be released under the same
terms as the Apache Group.

As far as product names go, when cooperating with the FSF we usually
just refer to the compiler as gcc, or the GNU C compiler, but if
there is a need to differentiate between our releases and the FSF
releases we refer to them as either Cygnus GCC or FSF GCC.
Normally there isn't this need, since for normal users the two are
essentially identical.  I'd like for a similar situation will exist
with Apache.  Sometimes though, there is a need to differentiate.  To
handle this we plan to modify our Apache version string by appending a
Cygnus specific identifier (Eg. "Apache/1.0.5-inet-0.9").

Anyway, back to the original issue: In accordance with the licensing
requirements, we'd like to get official written permission to use the
name Apache, and to be able to advertise as providing commercial
support for the Apache Server.  Who do I need to ask to obtain such


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