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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: background CGI bug
Date Fri, 03 May 1996 13:19:06 GMT
At 10:52 PM 5/2/96 MDT, you wrote:
>Can you please point me at these patches. I'll step through them
>to try to find the poblem tomorrow. I can't reach hyperreal right now
>to nose around.
>Regardless of how the bug got in or who voted for the patches, a fix 
>is needed before 1.1 goes out the door. That fact the patch files
>are lying around somewhere (I hope) to be reversed for bug tracing
>purposes is a good advertisment for keeping them archived in an easy 
>to browse format.

I thought that was the point of going with CVS.  I belive you can take out
any set of commits at any time, and get a new copy of apache.  That's
why we have it so that only one "patch" goes in at a time.  This way 
we can back it out without too much hassle. 

Aram W. Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corporation,
Apache httpd server team

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