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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: apache1.1b1 documentation bug fix and suggestion
Date Fri, 03 May 1996 08:49:46 GMT
In reply to Brian Behlendorf who said
> On Mon, 29 Apr 1996, John Heidemann wrote:
> > Second, Apache's got good documentation.  It's too bad it's not kept
> > with the source code.  A "doc" subdirectory would make the
> > documentation easier and faster to get at, available when off-line,
> > and available for editing (I considered patching
> > <> wrt my first
> > comment, but I don't have source :-( ).
> > 
> > Has anyone considered distributing the documentation HTML, Postscript,
> > and source with the Apache source code distribution?
> The postscript docs are available as a tar file - the HTML docs probably 
> could be as well, in fact they are, as 
>, but that's undocumented. :)  
> We discussed this a while back and I believe the conclusion we came to 
> was that it would just make the distribution a whole lot larger....

Documentation should probably go into cvs. What source format are we
using? We should cvs import it onto a separate tree, e.g. apache_docs and
if people are concerned about distribution size we can create a separate
tar ball for it.

I'm inclined to think that in full releases the html docs should be part of
the base installation and should be installed as "example" pages so that when
the server comes up you get a welcome html page and the docs online.

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