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From Chuck Murcko <>
Subject Re: mod_status again
Date Thu, 02 May 1996 19:51:10 GMT liltingly intones:
> I tried the latest mod_status patch.  Works fine.  I have it running on
> my test server if anybody wants to have a look: 
> The access counting has changed.  It states:
> "Number of accesses this connection / number of accesses total by child"
> I don't understand what the first number means.  This connection? ie. a
> keep-alive connection?  And the second number looks like it is
> "number of total accesses on this slot" since that number does not reset
> when the child dies and is respawned.  To me a "child" is a process and
> this count spans processes.
> Much nicer layout though.  Easier to fit on a small screen.
You may want to use the source patch that hit the mailing list after your
reply. It parses the form data set correctly, allowing multiple options
in a request. The 1st number of the Accesses and the B1 kByte counts
refer to the *last* completed connection, and do account for keepalives.
For no keepalives, the number will be 1. For keepalives the number is > 1.
The second Access number is total requests served by this child. Before
the http_main.c change, both numbers read total requests.

Not optimal yet, but a bit better for scanning by eye. It is currently
mostly the existing data repackaged, save for what I've noted above.
The next step would be to add some of the things Rob and Brian have asked
for, subject to approval of the rest of the folks on the list.

BTW, difftime() turned out only to add size to compiled Apache on FreeBSD.
BSDI and IRIX have showed no significant change in server executable size.
Some of the math lib stuff must not exist in FreeBSD's

There are still minor formatting nits, and presentation warts when -DSTATUS
is not used. I'll clean these up later today.

Also, the description text needs to change to reflect the actual module.
What's there now is Brian's suggested text, which is what I'd like to
get to in time. Credit him for the layout; 'twas his idea.

Chuck Murcko	N2K Inc.	Wayne PA
And now, on a lighter note:

There is so much sand in Northern Africa that if it were spread out it
would completely cover the Sahara Desert.

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