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From (Doug MacEachern)
Subject Re: apache1.1b2 & libperl.a
Date Wed, 01 May 1996 15:39:03 GMT
At 08:47 AM 5/1/96 -0400, wrote:
>  Well, the namespace fights are over thanks to you Tom, but I need to make 
>  some minor changes since rprintf and a few other things have gone away or 
>  changed (my fault for not checking out the 1.1 betas sooner).  
>FWIW, we do mean to fix at least some of these things for 1.1 final; one
>problem is that our change control got a little sloppy.  If you could make
>a list of the problems you encounter, it would really be helpful.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining.  Apache is quite an amazing effort,
and considering it's being developed by a group people who are in different
places around the world, and being #1 and all, it's hardly sloppy :)
Anyway, other than the namespace deal, I'm just trying to figure out this
new io scheme.  Getting rid of rprintf was no problem.  Prior to 1.1, rather
than dup'ing and close'ing things, it was simple to hookup perl's STDIN and
STDOUT symbols straight to r->connection->request_in and
r->connection->client.  (Underneath, perl just does an fprintf)

>From a quick glance, it looked like I could just change these to 
fdopen(r->connection->client->fd_in, "r") and
fdopen(r->connection->client->fd, "w")

but, no such luck.

Any clues before I dig deeper?
Keep in mind, no fork()'in pipe()s here 8-)



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