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From Scott Bernstein <>
Subject Imagemap bug found and enhancement offered
Date Tue, 16 Apr 1996 23:04:09 GMT

I've found a bug in the imagemap code, and have
done a little hack to the code, which I offer up for your
inclusion in the project.

The bug related to when you have an imagemap and
no default page.  You get unexpected results if you
have no "default" page and someone clicks on an
unmapped area, unexpected results happen (from an
uninitialized variable).

The hack was to implement a script which I had called
"nph-noop" which sent back a "do-nothing" header to
the client if they click on an unmapped area with no
default.  I've added this functionality to my web server
and recompiled (on the Sun and Dec OSF/1) and it
seems to work fine.


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