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From (Laura La Gassa)
Subject Re: removal of cgi-bin and cgi-src
Date Mon, 22 Apr 1996 18:57:10 GMT
Randy says:
>All of this stuff is of questionable importance to the server project.
>Certainly not important enough to get drug through the mud over.
>I would vote to axe it and blame it's absence on the lawyers of the

Well, don't blame the lawyers directly, it will make us sound guilty of
something even though we're not.  :-)  It may sound better from a 
PR/customer service standpoint to point to an archive of these sorts of 
things that are kept up-to-date by people who actually care.  That way we 
can say such neat customer-comfiness-speak things as "for the latest in 
blah blah blah, check this site out" and absolve ourselves of responsibility 
while still helping people out.  Is there such a beast?  (I know I could go 
to Infoseek or Alta Vista and search for it, but I what I really want to 
know is if anyone has a favorite resource besides  I'm looking 
for the Gamelan of the CGI world, as it were.

>Laura may have suggestions later about some basic scripts to
>check out server functionality.

Yes definitely.  We certainly don't need to have people complain about 
software that we don't "own" and haven't a  real interest in maintaining,
yet users still need something to give them warm fuzzies that they've
actually installed and configured their servers "properly."


"Click here or your computer will blow up."

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