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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject my whack at better status output
Date Mon, 29 Apr 1996 00:41:53 GMT

I took some time to try improving the status module output - the top half 
was alright, but the listing of individual servers was a little hard to 
read, particularly if you're looking for hotspots.  So, I'm attempting a 
table layout, and I'd like some feedback.  The first of the two 
attachments is the original, the second is my modification.

The important issues:

1) moved all the summary info to the top, slightly compressed the layout 
- this area could use some more attention.

2) used short TH's in the table for compression - legend at the bottom

3) moved metrics for each entry out of the TD - for example, 
kilobytes/megabytes, etc.

4) represented CPU load as one number

5) changed "date of last request start" to "seconds since last request 
start" since I think that's more interesting to look at even though it's 
the same data.

6) chopped off the "HTTP/1.0" from the request line

7) used no spaces between words within a TD - for example, there's a 
"&nbsp;" between the GET and the requested object.  That way table data 
won't wrap, instead the table will go past the right-hand margin, which I 
think is preferable

8) lots of general cleanup to enhance readability of the code.

Let me know if you think any of this can not be easily generated 
algorithmically.  I know we want to keep this fast and cheap, but I am 
interested in appearance too.  If you guys sign off on it or approve with 
minor adjustments, I can do the coding.


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