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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: Local Cache's and Port numbers
Date Thu, 25 Apr 1996 18:36:50 GMT
On Thu, 25 Apr 1996, Tony Sanders wrote:
> I'm told that at least one www cache (Harvest) expects the local
> server to live on some alternate port (e.g., port 81).  However,
> if you just configure apache with ``Port 81'' then the server and
> various CGI scripts will return URLs that contain the Port 81 in
> them (which causes users to bypass the cache).

Very, very silly design decision on Harvest's part.  Note that this is 
not really a "cache" in the form we're used to, but an "accelerator" - it 
sits in front of a regular HTTP server and handles all requests to that 
server.  I have big questions about this model, but for some applications 
I can see its merit (though I'd like to see a comparison between it and a 
stripped-down apache in terms of performance...)

> Apache needs a configuration option to tell it what port to
> pretend to be on for the purpose of auto-URL generation and
> for passing into CGI scripts.  Sometime like:
> 	Port 81
> 	ButPretendToBeOnPort 80
> Unless someone else can think of a more clever solution...

Run Harvest on another machine with two ethernet interfaces, the web 
server on one side and the rest of the internet on the other, and have it 
act as a man-in-the-middle?  Hmm....

Or, wait - bind Apache to port 80 on, and Harvest on port 80 on 
the actual IP address?


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