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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Re: Release 1.1
Date Fri, 05 Apr 1996 10:36:05 GMT
> Not really any good way I can see to remove specific patches without 
> destroying patches based on it.

I agree, many of the patches are now very interdependant.

Here is a summary of things that are in 1.1.

. Fix XBITHACK problem with non HTML files
. API Change to allow removal of internal MIME types
. Updated Cookie module to overlap with other site cookies
. Cookie module can log to a pipe
. Buffered IO routines for writing and reading client
. Hostname DNS lookups are now configurable
. CGI variables are now passed to Server-side-includes
. Improved UserDirectory mapping allows multiple paths and redirection
. New Imagemap module that can create menus for non-graphic browsers
. New CGI scripts
. Shared memory used for scoreboards
. Caching of .htaccess files to improve performance
. New icons and "powered-by" logo
. Persistant Conections ("Keep-Alive"s)
. Proxy and Caching module
. OS/2 Support
. New authentication modules (Berkeley DB, mSQL, anonymous logins)
. CERN Metafile support
. Status Statistics module
. New AddHandlers replace magic mime-types


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