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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Changes to FAQ&Related Projects
Date Thu, 04 Apr 1996 14:34:07 GMT
I've just read through the Apache FAQ on the site and noticed a couple of
inaccuracies. I have written some changes to this and the Related Projects
pages.  If there are no objections I'll make the three changes below.


1. In question 10 it says "Apache doesn't and probably will never be a
proxy server...". But it will!.  Change answer to read "Apache version 1.1
and above will come with a proxy module. If compiled in, this will make
Apache act as a caching-proxy server". 

2. Question 13 about support says "There is no official support for
Apache". While strictly correct, people can now buy commercial support for
apache and it would be worth mentioning here. Note that lots of companies
we talk to won't run software without a support contract, and we want them
to be able to run Apache. Q13 adds "Commercial support is available from
third parties.". 

[We could do with a page listing these support providers, perhaps under
"related projects".  Brian had such a list a few months ago but it was
never released as he was waiting for more providers to be added to the

3. Also under "related projects", we do a weekly summary of Apache
developments, called Apache Week. Any objections to us linking to this on
the Related Projects page? 

"Apache Week: A weekly summary of the latest Apache developments.  <a
href=...>Apache Week</a> provides an easy way to stay abreast of the
latest news about Apache including: new releases, major bug fixes, plans
for the next version, new apache ports and other related Apache
information. It is available on the Web, or via an email list. "

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