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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: Release 1.1 + proposal
Date Tue, 09 Apr 1996 02:21:02 GMT
On Mon, 8 Apr 1996, Rob Hartill wrote:

> Any short-term timetable gets my support.
> > By April 12th - all floating patches applied to CVS tree
> If nobody has any plans to add new stuff before the deadline, can
> we move the deadline closer. Say tomorrow?

*raises hand* I have plans. How about we comprimise and say the 10th?
I'm going to be out of town the 11th and 12th, so I wasn't planning
to add anything then, but I'd still like a bit of time to commit the
Script <method> patch, and I need to either write or adapt from NCSA a
htdigest utility (to match htpasswd) for mod_digest.c. And anything
else that comes up.

Alexei Kosut <>
Lefler on IRC, DALnet <>

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