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Subject Re: Module Information Module
Date Wed, 01 May 1996 04:57:53 GMT
> Can you show us some sample output.

Sample output is here:

> On the same subject, I'd rather see modules announce themselves
> in the error_log (or maybe we need a 'status_log'), e.g.

Well, mod_info gives you a lot more information than that.  This is the 
output from info?mod_access:

  Module Name: access_module
  Content-types affected: none
  Module Groups: Access Checking 
  Module Configuration Commands: 
       order - 'allow,deny', 'deny,allow', or 'mutual-failure' 
       allow - 'from' followed by hostnames or IP-address wildcards 
       deny - 'from' followed by hostnames or IP-address wildcards 

I could easily modify it to dump a startup message to a status log
as well of some sort.  This could be a configuration directive.
"LogModuleStartup on"  for example.  If people prefer not to have the
interactive tool, then they just leave out the SetHandler directive and 
there will be no way to call it by that method.

One point that is very visible from this module info listing is that there
are a lot of directives with no errmsg defined.  


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