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Subject Re: SSI replacement for Apache. (fwd)
Date Thu, 25 Apr 1996 01:16:16 GMT
> I use this on to look for a COOKIE header to decide
> if some CGI needs to be included. It's already saved the server from
> running millions of unecessary CGI includes... worth every penny.

mod_php will let you do this as well, but it is much larger, so should
probably only be used if you have more complex things to SSI.  With mod_php
you could for example look at the cookie a client sends and look up their
record in a dbm, mSQL or Postgres95 database all without forking a CGI.

mod_php also supports RFC-1867 file uploading which makes for some cool
file archiving tools all written in SSI.  The file archive at is wriiten using php talking to an mSQL backend
to organize and display the files.  The site isn't using mod_php quite yet,
but the features of the CGI version and the module version of PHP are


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