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Subject Re: API Question - External Redirect
Date Sat, 20 Apr 1996 17:05:39 GMT
> in the Location: header); that is just how HTTP works.

I guess my confusion is based on the fact that a simple CGI script like:

    echo "Location: /"
    echo ""

Manages to do a redirect perfectly.  I don't see where a status 302 is sent
in this case.  

> BTW, you do have an option other than explicitly setting r->status,
> which is to just return REDIRECT and let the server core dispatch
> machinery do it.  (That's how the CGI code forces redirects).

My module generates and sends the HTML directly.  If I were to simply
return REDIRECT then the server would append the header to the end of the
HTML already sent by my module (just tested this, and that's exactly what

I am setting r->status now before calling send_http_header() and it still
isn't going.  I am going to have to single step this thing and see where it
is getting lost.  I probably made some other assumption I shouldn't have.
Thanks for the help.


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